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Jonathan Blake
Jellyfish Lake, Palau

While the websites of dive resorts, live aboard dive boats and magazine articles might wet your appetite, you'll now be able see what the diving in these exotic locales is really like! Each documentary is shot in high definition video and runs about 25-30 minutes. In these underwater scenes you'll see some of the most bizarre creatures and colorful, pristine reefs imaginable! And a few clips of the resort or boat from a divers perspective.
Bear with us as we begin to build this website. Soon you'll be able to order my documentaries of these exotic places to dive.
webassets/Komodo.jpgWater temps avg 82º in the north and 76º in the south. Visibility 50-100ft. You'll see the famous Komodo dragons up close and Manta Ray Alley with squadrons of huge Mantas, and  bizarre creatures found in the muck dives. Hairy frog fish, ghost pipefish, wobbegongs and Barramundi, and an assortment of nudibrachs, lionfish, sharks and much more!
webassets/WakatobiSUTS.JPEGWater temps avg. above 80ºF. Visibility 50-100ft. Magnificent walls filled with soft corals. You'll easily see more than a 100 species of fish. Schools of Butterfly fish, Barracuda, and Bumphead Wrasse. Bizarre creatures including Sea Snakes, Wobbegongs, Frog fish, Leafy Ghost Pipe fish, White eyed Moray eels, colorful fire sea urchins, and the beautiful Mandarin fish.

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Water temps avg. above 80ºF. Visibility 50-100ft. Magnificient walls and deep crevices. Beautiful soft corals. You'll easily see more than a 100 species of fish, giant Clams, Pygmy Seahorses, an amazing variety of Crinoids and Nudibranchs.  And of course the remnants of WWII artifacts. Visit local island tribes (former headhunters) purchase handmade crafts and enjoy their dance rituals.


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